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Full Version: Need some buying advice (vgacard / ubuntu)
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Hi all,

I have been trying to install XBMC with PVR (VDR) in Ubuntu (and a sat.card from TBS)

Now after some testing, and reinstalling, my linux knowledge is improving! Thats nice Smile

One thing that I found out after lots of reading, is that its best not to have an ATI card. The drivers work, but lots of people complain about videoproblems (not just live TV related), so I want to buy a new one.

What card with hdmi-output do you recommend that has the following specs

- pci express
- known to work with VDPAU in Ubuntu
- known to work with audio over hdmi in Ubuntu
- Low profile
- Under ...ehm..lets say max 120 dollar?
- known for overall good compatibility in Linux
- can play 1080p without problems

The reason that I search for this, is that my ati radeon HD5450 is making me nuts. In windows 7 the card works fine, but its not worth all the work in Ubuntu. After around 8 hours of non stop searching to get a videoproblem fixed and getting from a fixed problem onto the next problem, I read that audio over hdmi will most probably not work, so Im going to buy another card.

Hope to read some advice soon Smile
Thanks in advance

Friendly greetings,
Pretty much any of the Nvidia GT 210, 220, 240 or 430 will work.

I'd go for passive types too although that may limit your options for low profile with some manufacturers.
Thank you very much
I will certainly follow your advice.