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Full Version: how to make copy paste
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hi i know its sound stupied but i like to do copy paste in xbmc live command line and copy all my list of the command sudo fdisk -l. and after that i like to paste it in post here and get help
thanks and sorry about my english i dont know nothing in linux
Question: are you just locally connected to the PC or over SSH?
thethirdnut Wrote:Question: are you just locally connected to the PC or over SSH?

i just locally connected to the pc i wanna make copy paste to the command fdisk -l to get all the list of my driver and after to mount my driver ntfs that after that i could see files and folders on my hard disk , i m get this problem for few weeks and not succed with that help pls
There is no way that I know of to copy and paste from the linux terminal. You're better off using ssh.
If you have a USB flashdrive mounted you can just direct the output to a file.

'sudo fdisk -l >> info.txt'
'<command 2> >> info.txt'

Then 'cp info.txt /media/<usb>/'

Make sense?