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Full Version: Movie Cases for 3D Movies
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I have the ISO mounter working fine for launching TMT3, which will then play my BD.iso files (which are all 3D movies only). This works perfectly, even added 3D as a genre and then as a favorite so my home screen can have a 3D MOVIES selection. The only thing really missing is the cases, which when seeing iso files evidently go back on the default of DVD cases, when I would prefer to use a custom 3D or Blu-Ray 3D case. Is there any way to make it show a specific case for BD.iso's? Anyone have a 3D selection case they are already using (was thinking of just adding 3D on the Blu-Ray case if I can find a way to point it to ithem correctly). Using transparency skin...

Oh, one more question, though this one may be a long shot. I have ambient lighting going from ARFX; but when playing 3D movies, I HAVE to turn it off, it really messes usp the frame rate and gives an instant headache. So when launching TMT3 is there a way to make it automatically kill the ARE.exe application or process, and then start it back up in the background when XBMC returns after closing TMT3?