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Full Version: No Network card on IBM T60 and infrared.
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Hi, I have a IBM T60 laptop that I have installed XMBX Live onto the internal hard disk drive. When it installs it says it cannot detect the network card it is a Intel pro 1000 card. I have to carry on with the installation. I have searched around and found you can break out of XMBC and change the network interface to static but it still says not connected when clicking on weather. Is there another way I can get it working or maybe I am setting the static IP wrong. The lights are lit up also. I have tried everything I can find and dont know what else to do. It lights up the Bluetooth which is good i guess. It also has an infrared port on the front do you think this may work with a Harmony remote control if so do I have to set it up or just configure the remote buttons. Few questions that I hope people can help me with XMBC is amazing just wish I could get the internet working. Thanks for any help in advance.