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Full Version: Folder sharing Windows 7 -> Xbox 1 running XBMC
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Hi everyone,

I used to have sharing enabled on my PC which was running XP so I can stream music and video to my xbox via wireless on my network. Ever since I got my new machine with Windows 7 64bit running, nothing but problems!

I tried setting u an SMB share to my new box...when I browse the XBOX sees and detects my Windows 7. When I click on my Hostname of the Windows 7 box, it enters the defauls password automatically and prompts for a password....but it keeps denying my password every time. I tried entering the administrator username and password, it also denies that. I tried the method from this thread posted by natethomas: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=63123. Didn't solve my issue.

I don't have Windows Live Assignment installed on my box. The folder which is set is shared with everyone permissions. Under my hostname I have a folder "Users" and that's set to everyone permissions so I technically shouldn't even be asked for a password.

I'm honestly unsure what to do at this point. Anyone have any suggestions?
Posted on xmbc4box. XBOX support has been dropped.
Agreed. Xbox support is no longer good to go here. To the best of my knowledge, those guys have fixed this issue on really recent builds, but you'll be better off asking over there. To that effect, I'm closing this thread.

Closed. See: http://www.xbmc4xbox.org