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Full Version: Fixedlist improvement suggestion
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I would like to ask for <aligny> or something like that in fixedlist.

e.g. following will work nicely with longer lists:

PHP Code:
<viewtype label="535">list</viewtype>

..but there is a problem if you have a couple of items - as they get centered vertically on screen (based on focusposition) and it looks really weird.

Secondly, if I may, it would be nice to define something like <startposition> . In above example position 5 will be fixed, but with movement defined it would be really nice if the list could start at position 0, move to focused position 4, keep it till last 5 items and than again move to the end.

Situation complicates further with list content having conditional visibility item/items.

What happens if you do <focusposition>0 ?
jmarshall Wrote:What happens if you do <focusposition>0 ?

It gets top vertical alignment and scrolls immediately. You loose "history" as items are "disappearing", until last 5 items (as defined in movement). Far from user friendly, IMHO.

Biggest advantage of fixedlist, at least as I'm concerned, is ability to show previous and next items. I would use plain list container only with static content that gets fully presented on screen.
You could slide that position up based on the number of items that you have.
Thanks. I'll see what I can achieve.

Maybe we'll come back to this sometime in future, when there's more time.