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Full Version: No Sound on New Receiver!
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I recently picked up a Pioneer VSX-920 K and hooked up all my other components to it and they work perfectly, however as luck would have it the most important one didnt. XBMC... I get no sound output at all. Nothing from videos, or the GUI. Tried plugging it in different HDMI ports and still I get nothing. Now I know these ports work because I tried my PS3 in the same ones and everything is just peachy. I checked the system settings and everything is set to output via HDMI and AC3 and DTS support is checked. Now I used HDMI to connect it to my TV so I know it works just fine. The system is a Zotag MAG ION box. Sorry about my scattered sentences, its been a really long day... And here is a link to my debug log. Please help guys
Well I checked alsamixer and I no longer see hdmi even listed. What now?
Just reinstalled XBMC Live all over again. Still no dice. Wtf is wrong?! It works connected to the TV, and everything else works on the amp.
Ok, sorry about the 4th post in a row... Somehow the audio starting working. Although not all the time. The clicky sounds in the menus only comes on every once and a while, and sound in movies in turning on and off
Follow the link in my signature and update ALSA to the latest version.
ALSA bugs often get address very quickly.

Yeah thanks, I tried that and it broke my working install. Now it just boots to a login prompt. Time for reinstall 3, this time keeping the old version of ALSA.
in alsa mixer did you unmute all spdif outputs?
Yup, all sounds work now on a fresh install except some navigation sounds. Its strange, if I move through the menu it wont play the clicks, unless i hit it a couple times in a row. After thinking about it for a while I think it might just be the receiver clicking back out of DTS or DD mode and not being fast enough. I dont know though since the PS3's navigation sounds works perfectly
That is exactly what it is. XBMC doesn't send a continuous signal to keep the DTS or whatever turned on. If you watch and have a light you will see it turn on and off as the receiver senses input. some devices like the PS3 send some sort of signal to keep it turned on all the time. Not sure how best to fix this or if a replacement ALSA will do it but it's been discussed before...