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Full Version: 3D Skin for SBS 3D content...
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Hi Guys,

You may well shot me down with some really simple explanation as to why this isn't possible, but what the hell, here goes (Big Grin)...

3D SBS content can be played natively by XBMC, as described here...http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...ereoscopic... bloody excellent work by poofyhairguy. Wink

Anyway, the subtitle issue can be sorted by encoding your SBS content with image based subs (like idx/sub).

One issue that still remains is the GUI. A trac ticket has been opened requesting a port of Boxee's 3D GUI option... http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10331.

So, if/until that happens, is this poss (for personal use only i guess!)... code certain parts of the skin (say the player controls, etc) 3 times in it's xml... one normal position/size, and two (copies) in different positions/size (for example 50/50 on the left and right of the screen for half SBS 3D)? Then have visibility code to pickup something up in the file name, so the SBS code kicks in for 3D?

I have no idea what the end result would look like! Obviously the dimensions in the xml would have to be smaller, so the GUI fitted on half of the screen?

Mental eh!! Laugh


[EDIT:] from what bleze describes in the trac ticket ("the XBMC GUI is messed up (gui is cut in half and overlayed)"), i expect only 2 code copies are needed, one in normal position/size, and one at 50% size and on one half of the screen)?
Or i geuss the easy option would be to just use an external player like PowerDVD/TMT!
The title of the thread is misleading. What i should have put was 3D compatitable skin, meaning it's not 3D, just that it appears full screen and flat.