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Full Version: troubleshoot this home menu customization prob (pic)
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This is what I have so far following various tutorials.


Had to change the font size or the titles get truncated (ie: Movie Collection becomes Movie Coll)

If you look closely, there are 7 Headers.

Problem #1) As soon as I hover the mouse near the bottom of the list, XBMC scrolls down the listso that the first 2-3 titles (movie collection, movies to watch, current shows), scroll off the screen. Simply hovering the mouse back up does not fix it, i have to use the mouse wheel and scroll the wheel up, to go back up, how do I fix so it doesn't scroll down/up since there's plenty of room on the screen, or at the very least, make sure it hovers back up atleast instead of using the mouse wheel.

Problem #2) The side menus are all messed with the size change. For instance, I have to move my mouse to "System", and then move the mouse to the pink spot, to see the System Menu Expanded.

Problem #3) When I load XBMC, the focus is on "Show Collection", I'd like that fixed to "Movies To Watch"

Thank you.
I' just spitballing here but perhaps reordering might fix your focus on startup?