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Full Version: [release] msnbc!
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This plugin gives you access to msnbc.com's streaming video service.

Latest Version: Image [Changelog]

Attention Canadian Users
There is another plugin in the repository called Canada On Demand which contains a huge amount of Canadian content. the forum thread can be found here.

The plugin is available through its own repository. To install it, download this zip file.

Then, in XBMC, go to System -> Addons -> Install From Zip File, and choose the zip file you just downloaded. A new repository is now listed under 'Get Addons' where you can find 'MSNBC' ready to install. Once it's installed the plugin will keep itself up to date, you never have to worry about it again.

Known Issues
  • The Rachel Maddow Show is empty.
andre_pl Wrote:Known Issues
  • The Rachel Maddow Show is empty.

Crap, that's the one show I'd need this for. Have you had any progress on this issue? I've looked everywhere for an alternative to cable for my folks and this is the one hangup I can't seem to resolve. No one releases her show on torrents. Sad
Thanks for the release. Tested both on Windows 7 and XBMC4Xbox Works great!
Are you still developing this? I would really love a fully functioning MSNBC addon with an option to watch full episodes for the the shows that have full episodes available (Maddow, Morning Joe, NBC Nightly News). I can only hope you're still developing itSmile
Any news on the status of this add-on? A fully functional MSNBC add-on would be sweet since they update their videos so frequently.
Change the docid on line 184 to 35879397 and all shows will work, including Maddow, Up, and MHP.
In which file?
I installed the andrepl repo but it is empty when I go to get the addons. I've tried to force refresh and check for updates but it remains empty. Any ideas? Running Frodo in Windows 8 on a Lenovo G780 laptop. I had a similar problem with the BlueCop repository but a force refresh solved the issue. No such luck with the andrepl repository.
When I installed this, the addon showed a list of the show names and then an assortment of video files.
All show names when selected resulted in a script error and none of the individual files playes.
When I followed Kaylakaze's advice (above) I was instead presented with a menu with two options, shows and videos, both
links led to script errors.
Please let me know if I can help get this thing working. Right now I have to watch these shows on my pc and would love to see them on my tv through xbmc!!!

thanks in advance

running frodo on a RPI in Openelec
ok I played with different docid's and broke it a variety of ways, then when I set it back to the original, although I was unable to enter any of the show folders the individual videos listed were able to play, but only audio, no video.
Same here. XBMC 12.2 on a Mac.


__date__ = '03-24-2011'
__version__ = '0.0.4'

Script errors for full TV shows, but individual videos seem to work. Made the suggested change in the default.py file and got the same results as stormcel.
alright, I'm glad to have people on board.
Now if somebody could parse out this docid issue we'd be ok.
Can anyone explain the logic behind the document id system at msnbc.com
I've been clicking through videos and shows and the docid's don't seem consistent.

I'm happy to help in any way, I just don't know how to proceed.
If you need testers, though, or someone to log a buttload of docid's, let me know.

openelec Frodo on RPI

edit - july 07 2013
I notice the behavior of this addon keeps changing, now it is back to individual stories only...hmmmm
my assumption is that msnbc keeps changing their docid's for ther api.
If anybody could point me to info regarding the structuring of the docid's on msnbc, I could try to take a crack at this.
I've been watching these shows on my pc, and would love to get it on my tv, currently I am using fvd suite to sniff the stream, download the flv, reencode and then move it to the network for xbmc. It is time-consuming and I feel a little ridiculous doing it, as I'm certain that xbmc should be able to pull it all up directly.
Has anyone got this working again?
Thanks for any help you can give!

I've been playing around with this and I can't seem to get individuals shows to work. There's a list of videos that play from the "Highlights" section of the MSNBC video player. But none of the actual show folders are working.

Also, changing the docid on line 184 doesn't do anything. I deleted the docid and it still brought up the list of highlight videos. I also changed it to several different IDs that I've seen on the website and the highlight videos don't change.

Maybe someone with a better understanding of these kinds of things will take a look?

This article about msnbc APIs may be of some help...
Change the docid on line 184 to 35879399 and that should fix any new problems.

By the way the default.py can be found in ATV1 at /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/Application Support/XBMC/addons/plugin.video.msnbc

You can also update:

base_url = 'http://www.nbcnews.com'

It's currently forwarding to nbcnews.com so it's not critical but eventually that will change.
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