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Full Version: Views and info?
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Hi folks,

a few Quick questions,

1. Why does the "Media info" view for TV Series show the overview/description of the show, when the same "Media Info" view for movies does not?

Can i enable the description of the movies in "Media Info" view so it is exactly the same as the layout for the TV Series section?

2. Why does Poster wrap view for Movies show a 5* rating system when its specifically told to show imdb rating? IMDB has a rating for 1-10 not 5*? This also does not show the movie overview? Can i force the imdb rating, enable the overview of the film or remove the 5* rating system that has no relevance to me or my movies what so ever?

3. Is there anyway to increase the size of the front covers in fanart view? I find it difficult to make out the covers from the other end of the room? I do love the fact though that it shows the movie info...

4. Can "media Info 2" be told to NOT angle the dvd covers and just place them directly flat on the screen as the angled look of the cover is badly done and looks weird and off putting?

Thanks in advance,

Pat x