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Full Version: Change start focus from Settings to TVShows
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When I start up XBMC I'd like focus to be on TV Shows instead of on Settings as it is for me now. How can I change this? I'm using Alaska Revisited.
Not IN settings, but Settings has the focus when XBMC starts, ie it is the default selected menu item, so I need to press left once to get to TV Shows and then enter go go in to TV Shows.
Since I don't use Settings too often, I'd like the menu item TV Shows to be the default selected item in the home window instead.
I have a similar issue, with Movies having the focus when I launch XBMC under Dharma. When using 9.11 the focus was on TV Shows and changed when I upgraded. The menu items appear to be in the same order under 10.0 as they were in 9.11.

Its got me stumped.
It all depends on how many items you add/hide but there's currently no way to define which items gets the default focus.
Not even by manually editing home.xml under the skin or something like that? Somewhere it must say which item is default, right?
Have you by any chance found a solution to this?
I guess it automatically focuses the central item - that's what seems to be happening for me. So I suppose I could move the items around in Home.xml :/
Nope, mine still starts up with focus all the way to the right, which in Aeon Revisited is Settings.
You could always disable the "Settings" in the home menu. Make a backup of your guisettings.xml (i.e guisettings.xml_BAK) with the settings enabled. Then go in, disable settings, and close XBMC. When you open XBMC again, settings will not be on the homescreen. It may get you closer to what you want. Whenever you need to edit something, switch your guisettings to get youe "Settings" back on the home menu.