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Full Version: Back arrow fanart
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I am running my video selection in 'file mode' (or whatever the non-library mode is) as it allows me more hierarchy in my video collection.

However, when I am in one of my video folders (say) Harry Potter, and I'm looking at the available films in 'FanArt' view, then I get the standard confluence video background whenever the cursor is on the back arrow option. I would obviously much rather it shoudl some generic Harry Potter fan art.

I have tried adding a file titled 'fanart.jpg' into the folder where the movies are kept but this doesn;t seem to work. I have also tried to select it manual by pressing 'I' on the folder and manually searching.

Is tehre any other way I can achieve this. Obviously I have many of these sub-folders eg. James Bond, Star Wars etc. so I need to be able to put different fanArt in each.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
- M