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Full Version: TVheadend Addon Source
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Where is the interface source for addon tvheadend ?
sits in the pvr git.
Do you mean this one ? I am looking for actual source to build the addon ..

Thanks ...
CrashX Wrote:Where is the interface source for addon tvheadend ?
I build mine from https://github.com/andoma/tvheadend
That is for the server though not the xbmc interface for it.
CrashX was talking about the pvr add-on for xbmc, which is at the location spiff posted
Is there a way to use tvheadend without a custom kernel? Last time, two things occurred: I was unable to update XBMC, and my box started locking up. I'd really like to avoid that.

I was running XBMC Dharma 10.0 on Ubuntu.
tvheadend doesn't need a custom kernel. the only "custom kernel" I can think about in combination with tvheadend is perhaps that your tuner needs drivers that have not been included in ubuntu 10.10.