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Full Version: [AppleTV1] Export Library is missing XML-File!
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Hi Y'all,
I have a well-kept XBMC 10.1 running on a first generation Apple TV. About 500 Movies and 1300 Tv-shows in a WLAN NAS, none stored locally. Works like charm and has overall improved my quality of living.

When I export my library, however, there are all the folders containing Actors and TV-Shows and so created, but no XML. So re-importing the library doesn't do anything, naturally. This has been unchanged for the last couple of weeks. I remember I did see an XML-File there once in the past, containing the entire DB, but not any more.
Is anyone experiencing the same difficulties?

Consider myself a power-user, speak command line.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Logging says:
00:10:14 T:2684407808 M: 3170304 ERROR: SQL: The database disk image is malformed
Query: select actors.idActor,actors.strActor,actorlinkepisode.strRole,actors.strThumb from actorlinkepisode,actors where actorlinkepisode.idEpisode=2249 and actorlinkepisode.idActor = actors.idActor
00:10:15 T:2684407808 M: 3145728 ERROR: ExportToXML failed

I did do some tinkering with the MyVideos34.db, a couple of weeks back.
Any SQL-buffs out there who can tell whats wrong?