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Full Version: Poster Wrap with synopsis/plot?
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Can anyone help me add the movie plot info that is available in the other views into posterwrap?

There is a huge amount of free space in poster wrap and i hate having to click in and read every movie.

There is the fan art option, however, it has a tiny posters and a huge text box containing the plot... however, i find this one's posters are too small and the massiv text box blocks the fan art to much (ironically)

Please can anyone advise on how i can either increase the poster size in fan art view or more ideally, add the polt info to the posterwrap view so i can quickly read what a movie is about...
Also is it possible to have IMDB ratings in poster wrap? For some reason it seems to be the only view to employ some kind of 5* rating system that is not apparent throughout the rest of the skin?

Thanks in advance...