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Full Version: Importing MyMovies database into XBMC
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First of all, been using both MyMovies and XBMC for some time now, but I can't get the two to synchronize properly because all my movies are OFFLINE (I buy movies). I would like to be able to browse my movies, even though I won't be able to play them.

This means I have no folders or such for XBMC to scrape, what I do have is a complete database exported to an XML file.

I'm looking for some guidance here, because I don't want to screw up my XBMC setup.

I've gone over the Wiki, but the import/export guidelines for MyMovies doesn't really apply to my problem. It seems to take for granted that there is a folder structure with files on the drive, which I don't have and I don't really want to build a bogus file tree.

The exported XML file from MyMovies has very different structure and tag names than XBMC. I do know that XBMC can read mymovies.xml files, but when I try to import it won't find the file, no matter what I name it.

I'm almost thinking about doing a big search/replace for the tag names, but I have over 450 movies in the XML. And I update my movie library frequently.

Have I missed something? Or is there no support for importing MyMovies XML data, just scraping them from folders?
This is why I love XBMC. Now I just need to find a way to create stubs for all my DVDs and Blu-rays Smile

You're awesome!