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Full Version: HELP- go out from folder
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Hi to all.
Im using xbmc with confluence theme. Today I updated on last version, and can't find option to go out from one folder. Before was there in corner some arrow, to go out from folder. I have some subfolders, and now I have to close program, to go in first menu. Is it some solution, or I have to put all my media in on folder?

and, is in Alaska skin options for GROUP?
need this arrow:

Does it not look like the print screen you posted? The ''..' should take you to the next level in folder hierarki.

Otherwise you can use ESC, or Backspace for key shortcuts.

never had this prob with any of my Confluence skins, sry I couldn't be of more help..

Have you tried re-installing the skin?
There's a toggle in xbmc appearance setings that shows/hides that.