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Full Version: My Videos folder doesn't show up!
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Hi, forgive my bad English but I'm Italian and I didn't found any forum active like this, so I decided to register and post my question here...

I have downloaded the Transparency skin from Google Code, the readonly one, and copied it in the addon directory, renaming it in skin.transparency.

Now I use this skin for XBMC, but there is a problem: when I select Videos, or Movies, simply nothing appears. A black screen. I must return to the main menu.
The strange thing is, this isn't a crash.

I activated the debug log, and came up that XBMC searches for a file that doesn't exist in the 720p folder of Transparency skin (Videos.xml), but exists in the Confluence one!

Maybe I forgot to change some settings? Or I didn't have to copy the readonly version (I didn't find any other version...)?
Can you help me fix that, so that I can view my Videos folder?

Ah, before you say "just install the skin normally", I can't do that, I have to modify some graphics in the media folder, but can't open the Textures file that cames with the download, already tried with TexturePacker...
And besides, when I downloaded it I didn't see the skin.transparency folder appear in the addons one...

Thanks for the help!
Ciao, italiano anche io...

Se hai installato la skin da Google Code, allora hai installato la versione SVN che è recentissima, ma per funzionare devi installare una versione altrettanto recente di XBMC, se usi windows installa dal sito l'ultima nightly build, se usi linux ti consiglio (come ho fatto io) di installare la versione PVR, qui http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=92315 trovi come fare...

Byez Big Grin
Hi, I'm Italian too ...

If you've installed the skin from Google Code, then you have installed the SVN version that is very recent, but to work you must install a version of XBMC just recently, if you use windows install from the XBMC site latest nightly build, I suggest if you use linux (as I have done) to install the PVR version, here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=92315 find how ...

Ok, then I have to download the updated version of the skin too...
I'll download them right now.

PS: Scusa se ti rispondo in inglese ma così possono leggere anche gli altri... Smile
Haltar Dhrim Wrote:PS: Scusa se ti rispondo in inglese ma così possono leggere anche gli altri... Smile

Hai ragione, ma siccome se ne era già parlato in un altro thread ho preferito risponderti in italiano per fare prima. Anche il mio inglese non è proprio perfetto.
You're right, but since it was already mentioned in another thread I decided to answer in Italian to do before. Even my English is not quite perfect. Cool
Alright, works perfectly! Thanks a lot!