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Full Version: M2TS Support Question
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I have been reading some conflicting information concerning support of M2TS.

Specifically I am having problems with the raw files I get from my Sony camcorder that uses the AVCHD format so I do not think that DRM should be an issue. I am not really concerned with Blu-Ray.

The wiki indicates that there is support for the ocntainer. But then it also indicates that there are could be some problems.

I am running Windows 7 on Revo 3610s. I am just trying to find out if this is something I am doing wrong (or if my hardware cannot handle it). Anyone with a similar setup or experience able to comment?
M2TS/MTS is fully supported, what you might have problems with is the bit-rate and whether or not its interlaced.
MTS as container may be supported , but as of my experience, there are issues with AVCHD Lite codec.
I have problem with video - audio synchronization of Panasonic Lumix camera movies. I have no idea if Sony is using same format.