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Full Version: thumps and album covers
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hi guys,
the last days i am trying to setup a HTPC with XBMC.
i found the xbmc the best software and i would like to make it perfect.

myquestion is how i can search and download album art within the xbmc?
how can i save these .jpg files automaticaly in the parent dirs?

a stupid question:
i many threads i read about fanart. can someone please explain what it is?
Cover art, album art, box art... more or less all the same.. it's the images on the retail package, usually a disk box.

Fanart, background art etc.. usually art that you see in lobby's of theatres advertising the performance, but can be any image, screen grabs, actors etc. generally jpegs or png format, handled as thumbnails.

When you scrape for a new title, XBMC also picks up the cover art and fanart; more or less a random selection (modifiable in the info page) and saves it to it's own dedicated library. When you choose to (settings.video) export video library, and choose to back-up as separate files, the images are placed back in the folder of the movie.
dear Pat,
thanks for the reply.i tried your advice and it worked flowlesly.
now when i have the album art placed on it is own folder,is it readable by xbmc if copied to another xbmc pc?or i must go through again all ththese procedure of downloading art again?

i placed some albums in the library . how can i erase tthese library references without affecting the original filles?
i tried settings/music/clear library but nothing hapens.the unwanted albums are stil visible in library mode.

many thanks again
Not sure what you're after... if you've scanned in some movies that you don't want... move or delete the folders the movie is in and go to settings>clean-up and you'll find the library references are gone.

e.g. I have a slush folder in which I throw everything, scrape it in etc... then move them to appropriate folders and do a clean up. XBMC now see's the moved folders as new stuff, but doesn't have to go to the internet to get the images/information... it picks them up from the local folder.

Exporting in one file (verses individual separate) allows you to move your collection from one spot to another given that you edit the drive letters/path with the import feature. That help?
Thanks Pat,
you helped a lot. i am sitting in the last days and repairing my mp3 tags for importing the library to xbmc.

as you understand already i am not knowing much but i made a good progress concidering i am using xbmc only in a week mayme.

is there a way to add tv tuner? DVBT, analogue, fm receiver...
i read somewhere that the xbmc is not desighned to work that way but i must make these hardware to work externalyHuhis that making sence? what does this mean?

i see that xbmc develops everyday and there are hundrents of info pages in forum.
Pat can you please inform me how to do it or where to look for?
thanks again
I'm glad you're making headway... there is beta work on enabling TV cards, eventually, as I understand it...full PVR functionality is in the works, but don't hold your breath. There's some plugins for internet radio and music services you might explore.

I have a Hauppauge tuner myself and look forward to the day it will be integrated within my Win/7 XBMC set-up, but nothing solid enough for me to get involved. Most of the TV users are running Linux machines with MythTV backends and XBMC for the interface.

I use the WinTV software that came with the TV card, it records in .TS format XBMC can handle. I find that XBMC leaves me with so many choices of entertainment, that I virtually have no time left for TV broadcasts other than local news, and some sports.
you have integrade the win Tv in the xbmc?

what plugins for internet radio and tv you suggest?

what is myth tv?can i run itwith xbmc?

i didnt have time to search the internet radio and tv capabilities of xbmc. i only take a look at youtube plugin and i like it very much.
thanks agailn.