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Full Version: Genre-filtering submenu for playlist.
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As I've come to understanding customizing the home menu I have done this:

I've created a smart playlist for a path that contains disney-movies, named "Disney"
Then, to hide those from the rest of my movies, I made another playlist that contain everything else, named "Movies".

But in this way I've lost my submenus, genre, actor, year.
Those three I really would like to keep.

But looking through the xml-file I cant see how to make an genre-list for a playlist
You can't.
Okay, short and precise...

I kind of feared an answer like that, as the same reason you don't seem to be able to make additional libraries. (which would eliminate the whole problem)

So, since it's most the genres I want and I can control the genre-listing of the disney-movies.
Which lines do I have to change to move the original movies-submenu, to my playlist home-menu
(It vill filter all my movies then I know but it's still better than having no filtering system at all)
Really your only option requires you to use separate folders for the disney flicks.

Then setup 2 profiles. Just have the kids folder in the kids profile, and have both in the master profile.
In some skins, like T!, you can make "genre" and "recently added" favorites. From there you could add them as submenus to your home playlist additions. This is the exact same thing that I have done using the skin T!.
I created an "animation" playlist and an "all other" playlist to hide the animation from the other movies. I then hid the standard Movie Button. I used one of the 3 home menu additions and created another "Movie" button and linked it to my "all other" movie playlist. As you noticed, you lose the submenus that are a part of the standard "Movie" button. As I said earlier, you can make the standard "genre" and "recently added" favorites. After that use one of the 10 submenus to link to your favorites. It can be done as you want to do it. Sorry, I do not know if this is doable in other skins. The best thing to do would be to try it out.