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Full Version: New Router, XBMC broken?
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Correction - I'm an idiot. When I set up my new internet connection windows 7 set it up as a public connection so file sharing wasnt activated.

Sorry, thanks XBMC community, you guys rock!

So I've been streaming to my ATV2 through XBMC using smb for a while now. I recently upgraded my router but since upgrading I am unable to access smb. I cannot access my library and when I go to try and add a new video source it tells me source not available when I click smb. I have not changed anything at all since updating my router.

The router is a cisco e2000 with tomatousb, if that matters.

And the internet is working perfectly fine with the AppleTV in regular mode.

And I did just confirm the internet is working fine in XBMC, I can access an espn3 plugin, its just SMB that seems to have somehow disappeared.
sounds like your shares may be FUBAR'ed start by checking there then post a debug log if problem persists.