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Full Version: Action on click on home movie menu
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I used to modified the <onclick> parameter for the movie menu on the home in the Include_Home.xml file.

But with the last update 3.11.15 there is no <onclick> parametre for the movie menu (item id 2).

In fact, I would like to open a smartplaylist when I clcik on the movie menu on the home.

Thank in advance for your answer
the code has been moved to Includes.xml

lookup this part:
<include name="movietitles-default">
Sorry for hijacking the thread but I have a similar question. I want to change the default <onclick> action of the TV Shows so it displays a smart playlist when clicked. Where is the relevant commands in Transparency?
i guess it should be something like this...

in Includes_Home.xml, replace (2x):
Thanks :-)
For anyone who can't find the lines, it is ActivateWindow(Videos,tvshowtitles,... in T! SVN.