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Full Version: [AppleTV1]Music Library Backup
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I have finally got my music library looking and performing in the way I want it.

I just have a couple of questions :
1. To backup my library in case of disaster do I simply copy "MyMusic7.db" to another location and will this contain all yhe edits I have implemented on XBMC directly i.e ratings data I have adjusted from within XBMC. Also Thumbnails i.e Album art that has been scraped by XBMC.

2. If it ever came to re-installing XBMC to reinstate my library, is it just a case of copying the "MyMusic7.db" to the appropriate place and if the data source changes location, will I have to redirect it.

Sorry to ask such mundane questions but it has taken a lot of time and effort to get this far with it and I would hate to be back at square one.

TIA Gifton
Yes, though you may want to backup the whole userdata directory to save all your settings.

Just tried an experiment and I am slightly confused:

1. Backed up my entire userdata folder to my PC via FTP
2. I have XBMC on my PC so I thought I would check my back up by replacing the userdata file on the PC with the backup.
3. When I ran XBMC with the backup userdata file, it showed the prevous library not the backup. So I made sure the sources were the same (NAS drive)
but still shows the old library!

How come?

A debug log on your PC will tell you where XBMC is reading the userdata from. If you copied the data from the ATV into the correct place XBMC must be reading it.