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Full Version: Different videowindows for different views
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Dear XBMC Freaks,

Since a couple of days i'm messing arround with the problem, that I cannot use different videowindows for different views (libraryviews for example movies).

I made a couple of views, where I added a videowindow in the videooverlay. The only problem is that both the videowindows (the original and my new created) are showing up when I play a trailer in the videowindow.

I've tried:

I think that when a play a trailer in windowview the id 3010 (id view) is not on focus. So another id gets the focus when I play a trailer in windowview?

I want to keep both videowindows because the views are all different in layout.

Can someone please help me? It's driving me crazy Sad

When i'm in a specific view I want to use only one specific videowindow to show the trailers in windowview.

Any help is appreciated!
Problem solved.

Just cut the code from VideoOverlay and pasted in the Includes file, within my different videodetails. Where each videodetail only shows depending on the specific views and therefore only shows the right videowindow, new or original.