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Full Version: Remove the trailer button
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Hi, new guy here. The trailer button can easily be mistaken (by grandparents for example) to a close button because of the position in the movie window.

I tried removing it by deleting a set of lines in the "DialogVideoInfo":

<control type="button" id="11">
  <animation effect="slide" start="0,0" end="-55,0" time="0" condition="Skin.HasSetting(CinemaScript_MovieInfo)">Conditional</animation>
  <visible>Container.Content(Movies) + !IsEmpty(Listitem.trailer)</visible>

Doesn't seem to work. Do you I have to clean a cache of some sort?

Skin Settings > Icons > Movies - Hide trailer icon

can't make it easier than that i'm afraid ;-)
Doh >.<

Thanks. Guess I overlooked it.