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Full Version: High Res 4:3
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Trying to figure out a way for XBMC to load 1024x768 as 4:3. Seems that it likes to pull from the 720p folder.

I am editing the xml and texture files appropriately and it seems to still load the xbmc interface up as 16:9, and since the xml and texture are created for 1024x768, there are simply black spaces on the right side.

I tried to play with NTSC and PAL folder, but they seem to be made for low res 4:3 displays.

Anybody have any ideas for workarounds for this? The skinning manual doesn't seem to address this directly.
There's a thread on arbitrary skin resolutions in this forum - take a look through that (there's a corresponding branch in my git repo) and make comments.

Essentially we don't want to add a bunch of stuff which means skinners have to duplicate a lot of code to get 4:3 and 16:9 support. Rather, we're looking for smarter ways so that the layout is more dynamic and can still work with both.

Thanks jmarshall.
I am currently trying to get your patch into my current local iOS branch. Am I right in assuming it's just the two commits on 2/20: https://github.com/jmarshallnz/xbmc/comm...y_skin_res
My guess is it's the top 6 commits there - it's been a wee while Wink
Ok, gonna drill down one by one and hopefully get success. Cuz just adding the last to commit caused build errors. Sad

I am surprise there's not much activities/discussions going on about higher resolution 4:3 support.

I find it a catch 22 situation. IPad/iPhone desperately need touch friendly skins. However, they are 4:3, 3:2 aspect ratio. Trying to skin for them makes me angry because of the way the bitmaps are stretched. So we need a solution for this problem so the skinners can get to work.
Thanks Jmarshall. It appears the last 6 commits were what was needed. Gonna figure out what directory to use now.
Is the code below the correct format to specify the pertinent directory for XBMC to pull from once it detects the aspect ratio? Your last comment on the track Ticket #11223 doesn't specify.

<res width="1920" height="1080" aspect="16x9">1080p</res>
<res width="720" height="480" aspect="4x3">4x3</res>
<res width="1024" height="768" aspect="4x3">iPadLandscape</res>
<res width="768" height="1024" aspect="3x4">iPadPortrait</res>
dazex Wrote:I find it a catch 22 situation. IPad/iPhone desperately need touch friendly skins. However, they are 4:3, 3:2 aspect ratio.

The other catch is that to make a touch friendly a skinner first needs a touch screen device. Wink
I have actually started making a skin for the ipad but the going is slow due to real life and other factors like the arbitrary rez stuff being merged into master right now I'm working on it from jmarshalls branch which last I checked was a little dated

I also was having a problem deciding if I should go pretty much for the apple style of things or try to come up with something more original that works and fits anything

but like I said the going is very slow plus I hate 4x3
I wasn't able to get the arbitrary res working. Not certain what to add to my addons.xml.

I had the same dilemma as you. I decided to create a very simple, native skin first. Blending apple's native ui with just the right amount of xbmc's flair. Then do a more "original" skin to taste should I have the time and desire.

But what irks me right now is the aspect ratio, making the interface images stretch on 4:3 devices like the iPad. For minimal GUI designs such as Apple with their iPad, pixel perfect makes a big difference. Thus why I wentlooking for ways to enabled this.

I think i got jmarshal's code merge to main branch. But I need to see if my manual patching of the files actually worked. With some quick instructions from you or jmarshall on how to enable high res 4:3 detection, I think I can resume skinning.

Jezz_X would be the best one to ask about the xml - it's been too long since I worked on it.

What I want to do is the "centering" type thing where you can specify that a group should keep aspect (i.e. scale in only one direction). Placement is a little bit of an issue though (eg a group in the middle of the screen should be anchored in the middle, rather than at the left edge).

Addon.xml goes like this
PHP Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  name="Test Touchscreen"
  provider-name="Jezz_X, Team XBMC">
    <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="2.11"/>
    <res width="1280" height="960" aspect="4:3" default="true" folder="touch4x3" />
  <extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata">
    <summary lang="en">Touchscreen by Jezz_X</summary>
    <description lang="en"></description>
and in this case instead of having a 720p it has a touch4x3 folder
Thanks guys. Seems like I didn't merge the codes correctly then. I thought I did.

So, even with a correctly formatted addons.xml, I can't get the iPad to use the correct folder and correct aspect ratio.

Jmarshall, anyway we can have you take another look at your code to make sense of it, and possibly get it merge into the main branch so I can finish polishing up the touch skins?

I don't know which step of the process I a messing up at or if I got all the proper committed code in order for this to work.
jezz-x: Any way you can make the xbmc with this option enabled available to me? I would like a build to test against.

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