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Full Version: Video, Movies no difference anymore?
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In XBMC 9 i could use the menue video to jump direct to the file section.
With movies i jumped to the library mode.
In file (video) mode i could browse the shares even the content is set to movies or tvshows.

In XMBC 10 it's makes no differnce if i use video oder movies. I always jump to the mode i recently used.

If i add a video share and set the content to movies or tvshow i'm not able to browse this share in a simple file mode. XBMC always use the library mode for this share. Now i'm not able to see the dir/file structure of this share.
Today i had a problem with a file. I wanted to look if the file is a iso. I wasn't able because the share content is set to movies.

Can i change this behavior to the "old" style?
Do you just want to view the movies in file mode rather than library mode?

To turn on file mode press the left arrow (or up depending on the skin and view used) and deselect library mode from the menu that appears. You can then browse in file mode. From memory the next time you go into the movies again it will be in library mode though
I know what you mean. This isn't working anymore. I have a 3 sources form diifferent network shares called 'moviez1,moviez2,movie3.
In library mode all sources are combined to one library. This works fine.

In earlier versions of XBMC the menue entry video jumps direct to file mode where i can browse every source in file mode. I have some sources i don't want to add to the library. Now i need to switch off the library mode before i can browse these sources.

In the 3 latest nightlies i'm not able to switch off the library mode. XBMC stays in library mode.

BTW. Where is the difference between the video and movie menue? Both jump to library mode no matter if i have sources with no content set.
depends on the skin you are using, but basically:

movie = enter directly in Movies section of the library
video = will go to your video root (files mode) but if the skin didn't set it that way it might be going to the last place you went (in your case movie library)

try going into videos immediately after booting xbmc you should be in the video root, not directly in the movie library

different skin will give you different behavior
I get this answer.


Don't understand why. I have to use 10.1 now, mark as watched does not work non library files without filemode.
Thx this was the right hint. The video menue works only direct after starting xbmc.

In earlier versions of XBMX the menue video worked everytime.

Any chance to overide this new behavior?
Hups. You are right piipes. This is sad.

Damm i liked the old behavior.

Thx for the explanation.