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Full Version: Moved Video to New Drive - no longer playable.
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I recently purchased a 2TB External drive. I created a shared folder for video, and have had no problems with new content that I've put in it. However, when I tried to move some files from a folder in my old drive (Video) to the new external drive's folder (Video2), my XBMC install is having a glitch with it. It states the file is no longer in the library, and prompts me to delete it.

Steps I took:
1: Moved TV Show from "Video" to a non-shared folder on the external drive
2: Cleaned library to remove old references to TV Show, which was successful (TV Show disappears from list)
3: Moved TV Show to the shared folder, "Video2"
4: Ran update, which is successful in finding the TV Show in the new location.

Although the database update seems to locate the new location, when I attempt to play the show in library mode, I get the error. I do not get an error when trying to play other files in the same shared folder, so I know the folder is being shared correctly. And if I exit "library mode" I'm able to navigate to, and play the files fine.

If I move the files back to their original location in "Video", then I am able to play them.

I'm hoping there is a simple step I am missing in order to break the association with the old location. I've searched the wiki & the forum, but haven't found an answer yet.

When you move files to a new location it's like they never existed. What you should have done is run an export to individual files which puts all the thumbs and fanart with your media and creates an NFO file. You then create the new source in XBMC (did you do that?) and select the correct media scanner type. You move the files to the new location, start XBMC and it should rescan the files from the new location using the NFO file so it doesn't have look things up on the internet. After the files are reimported you can then clean the database which removes the old lvideo records.

If you're real adventurous I wrote a program that moves files to a new location and adjusts all the database records and thumbnails. It's a gui python program which requires wxPython be installed. Most of my testing was in Linux but I did test it a bit on an XP box. If you already moved your files it's a little late.
I was hoping when I moved the files to the new location, it would be like they never existed, but that is not the case. I didn't think to export before doing anything. In fact, I haven't exported.

But your post gave me an idea that seemed to work. With XBMC closed:

1: I moved the MyVideos34 file
2: Opened XBMC and setup the content for the TV show in question, and performed a scan.
3: Exported the TV show to individual files
4: Closed XBMC, and moved the original MyVideos34 file back
5: Opened XBMC, removed the show in question, then rescanned everything.

The result was I'm now able to play my files, and my original database stays in tact keeping track of what has been watched, etc.

Thanks for your help, I should be able to move stuff to my new drive now with ease after I finish exporting the library.

Edit: I only moved one folder to test the waters. Since I plan on moving more things over, I'll give your program a try.