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Full Version: good 10 foot UI option for OS
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I have been using the xbox1 consoles with xbmc for quite a while now, and I am finally ready to upgrade to an ion based nettop solution. I would like the OS to support not only xbmc, but also have the capability to surf the web, play hulu, netflix, games, etc. I am partial to Linux, but I know that there is no Netflix support as of today (we have a PS3 so that is not a dealbreaker).

What are your opinions for the best way to set up a desktop OS such as Ubuntu for a 10 foot UI in the living room on a 52" LCD tv? Ubuntu netbook edition? Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity? Others?
Well you could use Windows 7 and avoid having to switch to the PS3 for Netflix.

The issue is viewability from sitting on a couch. What desktop options would work the best? You want to have big icons, fonts, etc. For xbmc only this is not an issue, but for more general use, it presents a problem.
Hello mate

I have this same set up.

I use Windows 7 and use a "Custom DPI"

I swear to god its perfect. Browsing the net, watching silly youtube videos with your mates, reading news pages etc. Its all good.

I have a wireless keyword with a built in trackpad on it from ebay.

Couldn't ask for anything better right now really. Apart from perhaps a slightly more user friendly XBMC especially with the remote control side of things. I'm having to use eventghost for assigning my remote all the extra comands the original xbox remote has.
Go into Control Panel/Display and you can increase the font size, or as jaromdaniel says you could use a custom dpi. With a 52" screen you'll probably find the 125% or 150% scaling is readable.