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Full Version: Just got xmbc set-up - now got jerky playback on ASRock ION HTPC
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So I've got an ASRock Ion HTPC which uses GPU acceleration to play HD movies.

Now it's taken me a while to get xmbc set-up and Aeon installed. In the settings section I have checked the hardware acceleration box. When I play back 1080p movies on the wide moving shots I'm getting some stuttering on the playback (same with VLC actually). At 720p there's no problem.

And interestingly Windows Media Centre handles the 1080p ok, but I'd much rather use xmbc.

So I presume it's a rendering problem, but I don't know how to fix it. All drivers are up to date.

Any thoughts?
I've just found the thread on jerky playback so I'll go through that and see if there are any fixes....