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Full Version: When to set content using mysql DB
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I have a question, hoping someone can help. I have a central mysql Db serving TV and movies to several clients, all on windows.
When setting up a client to use smb shares to access the mysql DB on the server, should I be setting content and scanning with the clients or is it enough to just point the clients at the server using the advancedsettings.xml.
Basically, I came across a problem today with one of my clients where I could not get into file mode and I think it may be because I didn't scan the media, but I have access to it all in library mode. So do I need to scan the media with my XBMC clients?
I am thinking that this may have something to do with another problem I asked about this morning with Movies Refresh being grayed out and not accessible. Am I on the right track?

if you set content and scanning on all clients then it doesn't matter which one first accesses the library when you add new media as it will get scanned in by any client. Of course the thumbnails etc will all be stored locally but you'll have already encountered that issue. The clients shouldn't scan in things that have already been scanned by other clients.

Not sure why you can't get into file mode nor about the greyed out refresh.
The greyed out refresh is because xbmc doesn't know what the content is. Each client must use the same drive mapping, probably already done since they all share one DB. Then every client must have the content set in order for things like "INFO" to work properly. If your Thumbnails are on a networked drive and you have linked them to a local Thumbnails directory, then any xbmc box will have the same thumbnails. This works well in Linux using symbolic links, I believe you can set up symbolic links in Windows 7 also.

With those small provisos you will only need to update one box, and it won't matter which one.