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Full Version: Random subtitles with svn and Apr. 13th xbmc
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Hello, I have not posted in a while, but I have been having a few difficulties as of lately and cannot find out the cause of the problem. I have the April 13th svn of XBMC and the latest svn of T!. Well, ever since I have combined the two together I have been getting random subtitles left and right. I have moved my subtitles folder else where on the computer and left the path in XBMC, but that did not help. It only does it on T! skin though, which means it isn't a problem with XBMC itself. I have looked and looked at the xml files on both the skin and XBMC, but cannot find any problems. I have looked at the debug log with no luck as well. The funny thing about it though is that it only does it at random times and not all of the time. As anyone else experienced this issue at all?
lunerceli Wrote:It only does it on T! skin though, which means it isn't a problem with XBMC itself.

i beg to differ ;-)
the skin has zero influence on your subtitles.

it might be a bug in xbmc that's triggered by T! though.
Thanks Ronie for the reply. I am not insinuating that it is a problem with T!, I love the skin and it is honestly all I have ever used ever since it came out. I was just curious about it though.
I had a very similar problem that was resolved by a complete wipe of appdata and reinstall. I was using a confulence mod, and the problem manifested itself there first, but later spread (sounds ridiculous) to other skins after a while.

In retrospect, I found that a folder in the addon_data folder, I think it was from the subplugin, called xbmc.subtitles, could not be deleted regularly, I had to go through the command line to remove it. I have no idea how that could be the root of the problem, but however far fetched, it could be a clue. Anyway, as mentioned, a complete wipe of all data solved it for me.