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Audio Hiss on Zotac ION - lookfar - 2011-04-26

I have this box:

I have installed 10.0 live which worked right out of the box, with a few tweaks.
From the Zotac I have a HDMI to the TV and SPDIF to the Samsung Amp.
aplay -l shows me my audio/digital is device 0, port 1
in XBMC -> system-> audio :
audio output = Optical/Coax
speaker = 5.1
boost on downmix = yes (is this only needed with hdmi audio?)
dolby digital (ac3) = yes
dts = yes
audio output device: custom, plughw:0,1
passthrough iec958

The above settings work well for the most part with incredible stereo sound for both music and movies with full dts dolby sound, the problem come when playing music albums after a song has finished there is a loud hiss, if I power cycle the amp it's ok again. but I cannot listen to an album.
I have only had the hiss on one or two shows.
I have installed the Xubuntu Desktop (with no pulse audio)

does anyone have any ideas?

I just discovered that it is happening on shows when switching and there is a quiet moment, but pressing pause/play brings the audio back normally again.

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