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- Hitcher - 2011-09-12

Left to right scrolling views just wouldn't look right in Xeebo, and besides I'm working on Precession now so only bug fixes from now on.

:( - fschnack - 2011-09-12

Sad to hear this skin is no longer in active dev Sad

I was about to suggest adding the folder name under the thumbnail in the Images section. I organize my photos in a folder for each year, so only the preview is not enough to locate them, and using only the text has so little eye candy Smile

- Cashtro - 2011-09-13

Hitcher Wrote:Left to right scrolling views just wouldn't look right in Xeebo, and besides I'm working on Precession now so only bug fixes from now on.

I see 2bad mate ... Xeebo is a nice skin next to Alaska .. Ur doing a great job Big Grin

btw i hope Precession will come out soon.


- Hitcher - 2011-09-13

Cashtro Wrote:btw i hope Precession will come out soon.

Don't hold your but the aim is to release it for Eden.

- skrubba - 2011-09-30

Just wanted to drop by to say that I found XeeBo just adorable. The other skins available from within XBMC skin download isn't even close to this one. So a BIG thank you very much.

Also, I made a couple of modification to it to suite me better, hope you don't mind.

- davvids - 2011-10-06

Hello Hitcher,

I really like the idea of Xeebo in the Nightly version (2.4.x), where you can place favourites in the fields like "apps" on the startscreen. Are there any plans for a stable version soon? If not, can you share the code so we other "XBMC nerds" can finnish the skin.

- Hitcher - 2011-10-07

Thanks for reminding me - update pushed.

- fschnack - 2011-10-10

I have a strange behavior in the TV Series section of the library. I am trying to download an alternative icon for that view where you see only big banners in a 4x2 matrix. In the info popup window I can select the new one and it's shown correctly as the current icon, but nothing changes on the view.

If I switch to any of the other available views, the new icon is shown correctly, but if I go back to the initial one, I see the old ones again.

Is this some kind of cache? What can I do?


- Hitcher - 2011-10-10

You'll need to delete your Textures database.

- fschnack - 2011-10-10

Is this a folder in the profile?

- Hitcher - 2011-10-10


- fschnack - 2011-10-11

I've removed both the texturesd and viewmodes db files and still now luck. New files were created but the view is still outdated.

- Hitcher - 2011-10-11

Ah, you need to manually download them and replace the ones that the Logo Downloader got.

- davvids - 2011-10-11

Hi Hitcher,

I can't run Xeebo nightly under my XBMC 10.1 When i select the Xeebo nightly skin, it only switch back to the Confluence skin. I run it under Windows Vista, any ideas?

- Hitcher - 2011-10-11

That's because it's only for nightly XBMC builds NOT Dharma.