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- Jezz_X - 2011-05-08

Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote:what if you changed the colors to black and green to represent the xbox?

because incase you missed the last 3 years xbmc "officially" has nothing to do with xbox anymore Rolleyes

- Hudson_Hawk04 - 2011-05-08

it would be only to show where it came from, that is all

- explodedk - 2011-05-08

lehite Wrote:One question. Is it a penguin or a bear (or something else)? Either way it looks pretty cool on the shirt you posted, I just can't tell what it is.

for me it looks like a beaver Wink

i personally like the dude in sunglasses most, or the zombie vector face...

- Chaosz - 2011-05-08

After having used XBMC for several years on my XBOX (and I still use it everyday), I wanted to do something to show my gratitude to the entire XBMC team.

So, without further ado, I would like to show my entry:


Quote from my Flickr-account:

Quote:This is a mascotte I designed for XBMC Media Center. I think it is important for a mascotte not to have too many effects, especially since it could be used in situations where the colours are grayscale.

My aim was to make it recognizable, and it had to tell something about XBMC.

The mascotte is 'built of' all the features of XBMC. So I would say, all those functionalities together form an awesome product.

The mascotte also looks happy, as you can see. I added the facial expression because I think it makes people comfortable using this application.

Oh, and a link to my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5698313933/in/photostream

My XBMC Mascot - MrLuddite - 2011-05-08

Hello All! This is my first rough idea for a mascot design.Image
Basically, he is a tubby little alien astronaut. As you probably noticed, he is a cyclops, his helmet/head is one giant eyeball. he has his trusty remote control and his flag to stake out his claim to the new frontiers of media goodness via XBMC. I'll refine this idea a bit more and post updates later. I just wanted to lock this in before anybody else came up with something similar.

- MrLuddite - 2011-05-08

I guess I did something wrong, not used to posting in forums Smile Here is the link to the image on flickr hope it works this time. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2084/5698766569_4fda089f62_b.jpg

My contribution - fireball.pt - 2011-05-08

Hello, my name is Rex and I'm XBMC User best friend. I'm always ready to help, you just have to make the popcorn's and relax in the couch.


The design is still a work in progress, if you have any notes please share Smile.
Hope you enjoy Rex !

The original file is vector based.

- htpc guy - 2011-05-08

Jezz_X Wrote:lol if you read back to the original its a cat 5 plug

I thought it may be better if it curled back the other way so you can see the front and it was a hdmi plug

I can try a version w/ an HDMI plug and see how everyone likes that. I choose the Cat5 plug though because its shape is recognizable in the silhouette. I'll give it a shot though.

- pike - 2011-05-08

hehe, here's an idea, a USB plug Smile (imagine a Mascot with a thumbstick inside, and then connect the USB plug and Voila, a Booting Mascot!) Thx my friend Dan!

- dora - 2011-05-08

Do you remember what XBMC means? XBox Media Center.
I know, I know, It's a pity but XBox is no longer officially supported anymore.
But still, you haven't changed the name to MPMC (Multi Platform Media Center), you kept the original name.
My mascot is in a shape of XBox to remind us all how it all began so we will never forget. Without the original XBox there is a chance that this project wouldn't be what it is today.
My mascot is listening to music AND watching a movie, it is a real XBMC addicted (Just like me Laugh).


Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote:it would be only to show where it came from, that is all

Hudson_Hawk04, I totally agree with you

- newphreak - 2011-05-08

haha dora. You must really use the remote ALLOT judging by the difference of the hand sizes. You should start using both hands to even the workout. Love all the funny artwork people make here.

- Chaosz - 2011-05-08

And here is my second attempt:


Once again, i used features of XBMC as content, so the mascotte by itself would already give people an idea of the software.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

- ppic - 2011-05-08

Quote:Do you remember what XBMC means? XBox Media Center.

you're wrong and confusing with xbmp.
xbmc media center stand as it is.
there's already been a discussion about this.

- htpc guy - 2011-05-08

Poor Ecksby was getting hammered about his Cat5 tail so I changed the tail to an HDMI port. Also cleaned him up a bit and changed the shadow. He's a completely transparent .png now. I uploaded this to imageshack this time because I hate how flicker handles transparent .png's


Black and White Version

Splash Screen

Hope everyone likes it.
I like this version better than the previous one now that I have it finishedLaugh

- stoli - 2011-05-08

good stuff htpc guy - I like him! Smile