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- Dimitra_25 - 2011-05-31

Here is my submission:


- ppic - 2011-05-31

Noddy Jnr Wrote:Placed some of the images onto a t shirt to show what he could potentially look like.


will be fun with spider man colors Big Grin

- joethefox - 2011-05-31

Noddy Jnr Wrote:Image
Nice mascot, I like it. But a chameleon is already the openSUSE's logo: http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Artwork_brand

Morph as Spiderman - Noddy Jnr - 2011-05-31

ppic Wrote:will be fun with spider man colors Big Grin


Just for you

- DarkMasterCh1ef - 2011-05-31

here is my one Smile

- ppic - 2011-05-31

Noddy Jnr Wrote:Image

Just for you

pretty one Big Grin

- radiantdreamer - 2011-05-31

Noddy Jnr Wrote:Image

Just for you

Haha that's awesome! Big Grin

Xbmc blue cat - SlimSloughi - 2011-05-31

"Miaoww, i am the Xylophagous Blue Maniac Cat"


white tiger - Allfodr - 2011-06-01

Hi Everyone,
been working on this for a while. First time using Adobe Illustrator, and I'm still on a learning curve... Inspiration was white tiger cub, working name is Law (linux, apple, windows).
Still some finishing touches to be made. I have the version with outline but like this one better. Colors could be changeable just like skins in xbmc. Laugh Well, I hope you get the idea. Will post some more pictures soon.

bigger image http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5783841144/in/photostream/

Two Eyes - wmclain - 2011-06-01

XB Fish with two eyesImage

- CASHMON3Y - 2011-06-01

I didn't read through the entire thread, but I have to say my favorite so far is the XBMC fish. Not sure which version I like the best though. I really like how much work radiantdreamer has put into his/hers, but like others have said, I don't really want anime on my XBMC.

- stoli - 2011-06-01

da-anda Wrote:Supply Smile Can't stop playing with those shapes. It's just to easy to create some new poses and expressions...


tried a slightly different body shape (indicated legs an smaller "head"). And somebody had the idea to use "Zapy" [still working title] for genre icons and wanted to see a Zylon version of it - there you go Wink (it's just a quickie though). But now, back to work Sad

So what would a spiff Zapy look like? Smile

- monkeysez - 2011-06-01

wmclain Wrote:XB Fish with two eyesImage

Love it!

- freezy - 2011-06-01

wmclain Wrote:XB Fish with two eyesImage

Graphically the fish is nice but what makes me shudder is this.

I found spherize !!! - wmclain - 2011-06-01

First off i would like to thank everyone for there positive comments and observations, this is the first thing ive ever tried to design and having you guys show interest in it is a real motivator ,Thank You.

i was messing around with the mascot in Photoshop for a couple of hours and right before i was ready to call it quits i found the spherize filter in Photoshop.
Not to toot my own horn, but I think it looks pretty cool.

Sorry for posting so many times, this should be my last...I think.