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XBMC LIVE and Emulators - mrmykes420 - 2011-05-01

Hey all,

Ive been using XBMCLive for about a year now and just upgraded to the Dharma 10.1

I downloaded the Executor Add on and Launcher Add on and I still cant get my XBMC to launch my SNES emulator? Is there a walk thru for this? Im so new to this its sickening to you pros Im sure, but I figure this is the best place to ask. I can run it on my Windows version but not the LIVE version. Id like to play the SNES and GENS emulators on my 55". Thanks for any imput on this.

- lefty420 - 2011-05-01


- mrmykes420 - 2011-05-05


Thanks for the thread but I think Im even more confused now than I was before!Eek

Anyone out there have a step by step?

I barely know how to get into my XBMC via putty.....any help would be Appreciated!


Linux n00b,


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