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My videowall style backdrops - TBinfection - 2011-05-01

Links had died, now updated!!

I built these for when I was using MediaBrowser but now on XBMC and I think they work great too (well, I would wouldn't I!!) so thought I'd post here too Smile

There are a couple of categories plus all the IMDB genres ready made (in full HD) but further down, there are instructions for creating your own with a photoshop action I built.

They look like this:




Why so many colours?

In each album, there are a number of files made up of 7 colours of background, each background has two tones (standard or vibrant) and each of those has two types of icons (std or muted).
Sounds complex but isn't really and gives options for different screens and scenarios.
All backdrops are available in all colours and tones, I like to have the colours change, someone else might like them the same.

Where can I get them?
You can:

1. Click on the album links above and browse
2. Go to the collection of albums
3. Download the packs in zip format

I don't like the icons you've chosen.
The genre icons were all chosen at random from the IMDB top 50 for a particular genre. There may be some duplication and there is a lot of crossover but not much I can do about that.

Can I make my own?
Yes you can!

- Put 32 16:9 images in a folder (min 400px on long edge)
- Browse to folder with CS Bridge and select all 32
- Output to pdf with following settings
9.3 inches x 3 inches
High Quality
White Background
8 columns 4 rows
0.25 inch margins all round

Unzip this file to c:\photoshop temp
Import the action to PS
Open the bridge generated pdf in PS with crop to media box and antialiasing on.
Run the action.

Should be self evident from there. Good luck!!

(Let me know if you find the ready made or actions useful, always good to hear if they're being used. I made them for me but nice to know if anyone else uses!!)

- ArieS - 2011-05-04

Very Cool!

- ArieS - 2011-05-04

I stole the TV show one Smile
I modified it a bit though. I lowered the picture wall and added some more background on top so to me it feels more "centered".
I had been looking for a while for something to use as my TV Shows background and this is just perfect. Thanks a lot!

- TBinfection - 2011-05-04

Not stealing, there for the taking!

I use Aeon with a low horizontal menu so the placement works great there.

I did one for you with a lowered wall that maintains the gradients Smile :


- trailervert - 2011-05-04

very nice!!
thank you

- igotdvds - 2011-05-13

Awesome! Sent you a PM.

- igotdvds - 2011-05-13









- Adeiko - 2011-05-17


One question, tried to make one with my mac, but i've some error on the last step, when i try to make the action lots of errors appear:

“document"roundedMask.psd” is not available The command “move” is not currently available The object “layer"Layer2” is not currently available

I've the zip currently on my desktop unziped, because i do not know where to put temps in mac live in windows ( c:\photoshop temp ) Have any clue?

- TBinfection - 2011-05-20

Sorry, not a mac expert but it does sound path related.

Can you look at the actions and do step by step manually? Nothing is very tough.

Sorry I can't help more Sad

- ubuntuf4n - 2011-05-21

Thanks for this nice work!

It would be a really nice effect, especially if you make several of those for your movies or Shows and
then use a skin which supports several backdrops per home menu item.
Its a hard work to do this, but once it is done, the backdrop-changing would give a nice browsing experience.

btw, could anyone upload the 4 mb-template (JoeysVideoWall.rar) on another filehoster ?
GoogleDocs is not working for me.


- Adeiko - 2011-05-21

TBinfection Wrote:Sorry, not a mac expert but it does sound path related.

Can you look at the actions and do step by step manually? Nothing is very tough.

Sorry I can't help more Sad

Done everything Sad Seems i need to install photoshop/bridge again on my windows machine >.<

- ali2k1 - 2011-06-14

bruv can you make one for kids tv shows (cartoons) if its not too much trouble i dont have photoshop.

- Tony_Montana - 2011-06-17

could you tell me which skin is this ?


and how we make this icons for gerne?

- TBinfection - 2011-06-17

ali2k1 Wrote:bruv can you make one for kids tv shows (cartoons) if its not too much trouble i dont have photoshop.

Sure, get together the screens you want to use, 16:9 format and I'll make one up.

- PatrickBateman - 2011-06-30


Will there be any further extensions of these walls?

I would love to use full set of these wallpapers throughout the skin. Basically a weather version, an add-ons version, amusic version, a weather version, a system version a favourites version etc etc etc ..

That way the wallapaper would technically stay the same, however the tv screen inserts would change when transistioning between menues Smile

Will this ever happen or is a full set of walls not on the cards?


Pat Smile