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Alaska Revisited - Changing Addons Viewtypes - SaViOr - 2011-05-04

Heyup long time user of XBMC and these forums, but only recently thought it was worth posting as this time as I have not located of find a solution of my own.Nod

Having used all of the skins I have found that Alaska and revisited is one of the fastest and most consistent looking of all the skins. It is large enough to be seen from a distance and clean enough to be useful. Predominantly I use XBMC for Movies Tv Shows and Games with Advanced Launcher. The problem has always been in almost all skins the Add on views are restricted or added as an afterthought. Currently there are a handful of skins which offer a wide variety mainly Aeon variants being the best.

As I have resolved only to use Alaska as there is no better looking skin imho - pos Xperience 1080 mod if that ever sees daylight - I was wondering if anyone has found or knows how to enable or add or modify the existing viewtypes to allows a horizontal addon view which resembles the Poster Fixed or any other horizontal view. I currently have a pretty decent Advanced Launcher setup and would like a viewtype that matches both Films and tv shows in terms of graphical presentation.


I noticed on a previous post several months ago user daninino managed to create this which looks ideal, He simply modified the .xml however I have been unsuccessful in my attempts Blush. Anyways if anyone has a solution or an idea I would be extremely appreciative as it is really one of the few things I have left to tweak with xbmc.

Many thanks to anyone who can shed any light on my problem Laugh

- Hitcher - 2011-05-04

You'll need to add Window.IsActive(programs) to the visible condition of the viewtype and then add the viewtype id to the <views> tag in MyPrograms.xml.

- SaViOr - 2011-05-04

That sounded remarkably simple so I got excited but I have had no success.Confused
The line I am adding to any of my selected views goes something like this...

<visible>Window.IsActive(programs) | Window.IsActive(videolibrary) + [Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(tvshows) | Container.Content(seasons)]</visible>

When I just put Window.IsActive(programs) the viewtype disappears altogether

And I copy the view id to the views line in MyPrograms.xml

But the viewtype does not seem to appear. Hope I'm not being rather obtuseOo

- SaViOr - 2011-05-06

Anyone else got any thoughts or know what I'm doing wrong? Just any clarification about modifying the xml files would be awesome and if my example above is incorrect.

- Hitcher - 2011-05-06

Sorry, forgot to mention you need to add the <include>viewtype name</include> to MyPrograms.xml as well.

- SaViOr - 2011-05-10

Hey thanks Hitcher for all the help. Yep all worked out perfectly tried it today, exactly what I was looking for many thanks, didnt know it would be so simple. Laugh