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[WINDOWS] Boot from usb drive - Aelius - 2011-05-17

Is anyone taking advantage of this? if so how are the speeds with booting and running the system?

- eskro - 2011-05-17

i dont think no one runs windows on a USB Stick,,,

However, many run Linux on USB...

- numb7rs - 2011-05-17

Two reasons to avoid USB booting windows:

- Windows is far too large to boot from USB. USB3 booting is sketchy anyway, and USB2 speeds would give boot times of a few minutes, and that's if the full 480MB/s is used, which is rare.

- Windows also likes to access the disk without you asking; USB drives are not designed for constant r/w access like that.

- Aelius - 2011-05-18

Cheers guys,

Solid state HDD it is. Was thinking of ways to eliminate the use of a SATA port for the OS, might use E-SATA instead.

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