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- chunk_1970 - 2006-09-18

smuto Wrote:problem
cover art for next song is not update

The thread update_class is the one that updates the lyrics when the song has changed mind you Im talking about the original script release. If the codes in there it should work..you probably already know that but I have been messing around with thread myself and sometimes they can be fiddly..

- smuto - 2006-09-18

it's nothing to do with script code
i think something is wrong with getInfoImage(...) and guibuilder

hope @Nuka1195 can help

- LRa - 2006-09-20

Lately when I query for lyrics, the first page of the lyrics is some mumbo jumbo with a lot of lines with this : google_ad_height=etc.. or google_ad_type=etc...

Any ideas?

Also when it searchs, does it take the name or the band and song from the id tag or from the file name? Is it possible to force for filename?

Many thanks

- Ultimato - 2006-09-21

I have some problem with the script
That's what appear to me:
<table align="left"><tr><td><script
google_ad_client = "pub-5856745585538965";
google_ad_width = 120;

After this i see the correct lyric, but it's really a bad view.

- EnderW - 2006-09-21



If you used an improved version you have to change that script accordingly...anyways, it's only the parsing code that's changed so if you use your brains you'll figure it out.

Script is likely to break as soon as the people change the design on their sites again.

- LRa - 2006-09-21

How can I change the site that the script queries?
I have another site which only asks for the song name. I want to create a dupe of xbmclyrics for this site since it has songs in Hebrew and lyrc.com.ar don't.


another XBMCLyrics mod - just idea - smuto - 2006-10-09

scriptmod - just textbox or list (without background, animation, labels)

now u need to create related to the script custom dialogwindow (with background, animation, infolabels, infoimage)
e.g. for MC360

now u need find a place in skin where u want to run it from
e.g. for MC360 (Now playing window - player control panel mod)

@EnderW - thx a lot, i love lyrics in xbmc

- HarshReality - 2006-10-25

I am looking at the XBMCLyrics guibuilder that comes with T3CH and keep getting an error when opening default.xml

- smuto - 2006-10-28

XBMCLyrics with GuiBuilder - fastMethod

this one in fatT3CH is before EnderW fix

- HarshReality - 2006-10-29

OK, so where do I get guibuilder after EW fix?

- HarshReality - 2006-10-29

Okay, so where do I get xbmclyrics w/guibuilder after EW fix?

- Sam123 - 2006-11-22

smuto Wrote:Lyrics - skin MC360


cover art for next song is not update

above problem solved or not?

- Sam123 - 2006-11-24

A-ha, got answer!
Just add the image control:

- [Death] - 2006-12-04

ok what is the latest full rls of this? . got the version in tech rls 2.0.1 , and i must say it has a few bugs , get the html code at top and not displayed proerly, smuto ure stuff looks nice, do u have a full package?

- smuto - 2006-12-05

smuto Wrote:XBMCLyrics with GuiBuilder - fastMethod

i add Sam123's Cover fix

but remember i'm not phyton coder, from my side all i do it's just mod of EW's script