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Group Management (tags with tvheadend) - xxxnelly - 2011-05-21

Hi All,

I wondering how people are using this feature? I can see it directly maps from the backend, which is really good.

Can you filter the channel list, EPG timeline etc using this? if so how?

If not what features are being suggested to allow filter in the frontend using the group management.


- _BJ1 - 2011-05-21

Select TV-Stations on the left side in the Live-TV menu. You'll be switched through all groups while pressing OK on your remote.


- xxxnelly - 2011-05-21

Thanks - that worked.


- decaturguy - 2011-05-21

and pressing LEFT or RIGHT button on your remote during fullscreen LiveTV you can select the groups. Your channel-list will be filtered.

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