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Unable to find the ppa... - elpirata - 2011-06-03

Was folowing the instructions on the wiki, added the repo without problems but when I did the "sudo apt-get update" gives me these errors. Tried do the command again in different moments of the day but always get the same response.

Any hints or ideas? I miss my XBMC!!!!! (hard drive crash Sad )

- elpirata - 2011-06-03

Sorry, forgot to add, due to the hard drive crash decided to install the recent 11.04 ubuntu, I was running 10.10 before. Aside of this, not much has changed.

- macel - 2011-06-03

I think this is because there's no XBMC release for natty on the official repo.

There's a nightly (unstable) build for natty at


- elpirata - 2011-06-03

wooops that would make sense.... but I dont get why it would install the repo and get the key without problems.....

- elpirata - 2011-06-03

Well, got 10.10 back in and no problems at all with the repos. So far so good. Thanks for the tip macel.


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