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Repo changes in Eden? - mad-max - 2011-06-06

Hey Guys...

I´ve checked the API changes but did not find a solution for my problem:
I have the repo http://repository-xbmcnerds.googlecode.com/files/repository.xbmcnerds.zip

In Dharma Stable everthing is fine with this repository...
Now I tried a GIT release from 5th June...
Unfortunately in the repo with the eden build, there are no addons listed.

Do I have to maintain two repos?
And what deoendincies do I have to meet when using the repo on eden?


- mad-max - 2011-06-06

Got it...found the reason...there was an addon with python 1.0 in addons.xml...

making a branch and deleting the addon there fixed it...


- jmarshall - 2011-06-07

The repo should still be listed, as should all addons in it other than the one that is uninstallable due to dependencies.

Can you reproduce this at will with the above .zip?