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Anyone care to make a Neon video? - stoli - 2011-06-10

The video that is on YouTube is way out of date. If someone using the nightly builds would like to take the time to make a video showing off the skin and their collection I would be most appreciative.


- rflores2323 - 2011-06-10

I can take a video however i cant do all teh fancy intros etc.. I am traveling until next Friday and do it when I get back if someone hasnt by then.

I however am on the stable build and not nightlies so can only take video of that version.

- loki131 - 2011-06-10

You can use this, it's not great but it impressed my friends! Big Grin
It's not using nightlies and it doesn't have sound (my sound card is incompatible..) but if you want to throw it up until someone does a better job go right ahead!

- paak - 2011-06-10

Loki, how did you get Hulu and Netflix on your home screen?

- paak - 2011-06-10

NM, I found my answer Here. Sadly it's not Linux compatible so I can't use it on my OpenElec box.

- loki131 - 2011-06-10

Bummer about the Linux support... you can however use hulu linkey, just use the Launcher or Advanced Launcher add-on although between Icefilms and the FreeCable add-ons I don't use hulu that much anymore... Big Grin

- Ymeltje - 2011-06-16

I will make a video, but my xbmc isnt that impresive.
I'll post the vid when i find the time to make 1. (1-3 days)

- paak - 2011-06-20

I played with FreeCable this past weekend actually and I was rather impressed by it! Icefilms is awesome as well, I found that a couple of weeks ago. I swear, it seems that everytime I get a chance to sit down and play with XBMC I find a new plugin that blows my mind. Having it all wrapped up in a skin as beautiful as Neon makes it that much easier to push to friends who come over and see it.

- mechiah - 2011-06-22

tossing my lot in the "i'll make a video next week or so" pile

tried tonight on my htpc, but it is too low-power to run fraps and xbmc at once; it would lag behind on loading thumbs and fanarts when fraps was recording.

next week, after done moving, i'll copy my xbmc settings and library (but not the movies) to my gaming PC and record to a SSD.

all that said, i think the first video linked is pretty good. if loki has the original uncompressed file, putting music to that one would be pretty nice imo.

i should say, how much detail (and what features) are you looking for? your op was a pretty open-ended request

- stoli - 2011-06-22

mechiah Wrote:tossing my lot in the "i'll make a video next week or so" pile


i should say, how much detail (and what features) are you looking for? your op was a pretty open-ended request

Whatever you think would best show off the skin... I just want someone to show it off w/out posting dozens of screen shots that do not do it justice.

...and then there is the whole Neon logo that needs help... Wink

- Kode - 2011-06-27

I didn't do it for this thread, and it could be better, It's to showcase the different things that come from fanart.tv, but it uses Neon so feel free to use it if you want.