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Sopcast for Linux - sarbes - 2011-06-13

Some addons out there need the Sopcast-Player to play livestreams, but unfortunately, there is only an old one for Linux, which is out of date. There is, however, a Sopcast-Client for Linux and it is possible to watch livestreams inside of XBMC with it.

The setup is pretty simple:

1. Install Sopcast.
2. Run Sopcast.
3. Connect to http://localhost:8908/tv.asf in XBMC.
4. Watch stream.
5. ? ? ? ?
6. PROFIT!!!

I've already made a package to demonstrate this. It contains:

- The player and the required libs.
- The Sopcast Readme.
- sopcast.sh, a script, which eliminates the need to install the libs to /usr/lib (could be handy in the future).
- example.sh, a script, which starts a stream.
- plugin.video.sopcast.test, an addon to watch the stream (or just open the stream directly).

This exceeds my Python skills. I couldn't manage to execute the client out of XBMC, but this should not be a problem for an experienced coder. I hope that someone of you want to finish this.


Here is a improved version of my addon.

The install isn't fully automated (yet), but you get the idea:
wget http://membrane-xbmc-repo.googlecode.com/files/sopcast.test.02.zip
unzip sopcast.test.02.zip
cd sopcast.test/
sh install.sh
And install the provided addon in XBMC

The scripts are tested by me on two machines and I think they are save, but I have to inform that I wont take any responsibility for anything unexpected.

The addon itself is minimalistic, there are dummy-directories for starting and stopping a stream. It takes ~5 seconds to start the stream itself, so you may have to press the 'play' button again.

You can change the channel by changing the 10th line of the default.py.

- blotunga - 2011-08-04

I think it's easier to debug and adapt the old x-sopcast plugin than to write a new one from scratch. http://code.google.com/p/xbox-remote/wiki/XSopcast
I don't have time right now to pick up on the project, but I've made some changes to it and now it works as I stated here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=99987

- menno - 2012-02-28

are you still developing ur plugin? since i am using an atv2 as front end i need to rely on my NAS for running sopcast itself.

A slick sopcast frontend which can connect to a sopcast backend would be great!

- sarbes - 2012-02-29

I will take a look.

- menno - 2012-02-29

if you need some one for extensive testing I am more than willing.
This is a quite popular request, but the requests are made in several video addons.

Most atv2 users though dont seem to get that their machine doesnt have the cpu power to run sopcast on its own.

I already used tvheadend once running on my nas and my atv2 getting its output stream. Worked great!

Thank you for looking into it again!

- menno - 2012-03-04

I am running my setup now as i wanted;

1.) I start sopcast on my debian NAS server
2.) I started your plugin (changed values in default.py (no localhost for me)

And I am watching now.

Now of course I would like your plugin to;

1.) Start sopcast on my debian NAS server for me
2.) Have a nice interface being able to browse rojadirecta
3.) have some sort of favourites

As stated before ill devote time to test if needed!