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- kri kri - 2012-02-13

Is there a way to tell when the windows build updates? I updated via the web interface and I get an error when going into the settings screen so I assume I need a new windows build.

This is the error I get


- HenryFord - 2012-02-14

Sorry, hadn't though of running the build-scripts on my end again - will do so tonight, you then can download the newest windows-build.

I will be done updating at around 21:00 (CET) latest.

- TeKo - 2012-02-14

uhm so is this working again?

- HenryFord - 2012-02-14

TeKo Wrote:uhm so is this working again?
Funny thing would be to try it out, wouldn't it?
(But, to spoil the fun: Yes, yes it does.)

- kri kri - 2012-02-14

Is there a reason why updating within the interface doesn't work with the windows version?

- HenryFord - 2012-02-14

yes - the version-check runs agains github in order to determine wether a new version is out or not. This is also happening on the windows-build, there are literally no modifications made to the code whatsoever. So - running the update in the windows-version will not work, because this version relies on a prebuilt binary which isn't available over at github.
So - if you see a new update, you should download the current built from my website.

You can also check against my server wether I already uploaded the new version. The file http://tbueter.com/tools/version.txt contains the hash of the current version which is available on my server. You can compare against the newest git-build and if they differ you know that I am still sporting an old version. If you want you can always give me a heads up about it via PM if I am too slow for you Wink

By the way: The new version is uploaded to my server and is available through the known link.

- kri kri - 2012-02-14

I see thank you, the OP should be updated to reflect this because I have been updating via the web interface.

- jdoggvt - 2012-02-14

It's aliiiiiive! Thanks Rembo10 and HenryFord!

- fryster - 2012-02-15

jdoggvt Wrote:It's aliiiiiive! Thanks Rembo10 and HenryFord!

Yep, very happy thanks both of you! Big Grin

- jitterbug - 2012-02-15

Im new to this application, im running the windows version - and it seemed to be running fine (I added 2 artists) but now when I try to add a new i get this error ;

"The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "cherrypy\_cprequest.pyc", line 645, in respond
File "cherrypy\lib\encoding.pyc", line 188, in __call__
File "cherrypy\_cpdispatch.pyc", line 29, in __call__
File "headphones\webserve.pyc", line 67, in search
File "headphones\mb.pyc", line 62, in findArtist
NameError: global name 'mbhost' is not defined "

Ive tried restarting it, but the problem persists. Any idea how to solve this?

Kind regards


- HenryFord - 2012-02-15

Mhm... don't know if it actually has to do anything with it, but my mirror is currently acting up. Will fix it in <2hrs .

- HenryFord - 2012-02-15

My server is back up and should be reachable again.

- jitterbug - 2012-02-15

HenryFord Wrote:My server is back up and should be reachable again.

Yeah thx.
I Can search again and add.
But now I cant fetch artist info. Can you help me out there aswell Wink ?


- jdoggvt - 2012-02-15

jitterbug Wrote:But no I cant fetch artist info. Can you help me out there aswell Wink ?

Yep, same here

- HenryFord - 2012-02-15

This was because I missed to start the server with the right user - so database-access and data-output misbehaved, this could have caused the errors. Now everything is fine again - can you try it out again?
If something like this happens again, you can just use a direct-link to the artist in your browser to ensure that my server is working correctly:

If you get an error-message or something related, just PM me and I will provide a fix as soon as possible.