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- nessus - 2011-09-09

bakito Wrote:well thanks for your answer!
I did it but all I can get is the wall view ...I didn't manage to add poster view as well...did I miss something?

Done. Check out the first post in Updates section.

Posters View in Program section is working. I don't have any games or Programs Launcher for more testing but it works fine with my programs.
Let me know if there is any problem.


- bakito - 2011-09-09

thaaaaaaaanks!!!!!!Big Grin
work like a charm!!
well i don't see my info text for my games but it's not really a problem!!
thx for your time nessus!!

see what it look like!


it's much better now!
thank you again!

editConfusedorry to bother you again but I just test tvguide now that I use your skin and I have a strange problem...


the tvguide appear all "grey"...don't know why I just download and put your file in my xperience more folder...

missing network logo problem - thewarm - 2011-09-09

This makes no sense...

I checked the "tvshow.nfo" file for Damages (just one of the shows missing the logo). It has the line "<studio>FX</studio>". Other FX shows display the logo, but not Damages... it is not displayed in the TV Shows views eitherHuh

Also, in the TV Guide if I browse shows in the day view, if I come across a show with a missing logo, all the following shows display the CW logoHuh

I'm really trying to figure out why the logo doesn't show up in the TV Shows view. If I can get it to work there it should get picked up in the guide.

- nessus - 2011-09-09

@bakito The Poster View is not looking ok. They are visible conditions problems in the info bubble which are not showing in my xbmc setup. I will look again the code. As for the guide problem, is very strange. Do you use any pre-eden version ?. All of my mod is done and test in xbmc 10.1 for now.

That's very strange. I have 24 TV Shows in my library and many of them are from FX studio which is showing fine everywhere.

@both of you
Close XBMC and delete the "Textures.db" file from user folder in \userdata\Database. Sometimes deleting that file corrects many problems. Don't worry... when you start XBMC again it will created automatically.

Let me know if any news in these problems.


- nessus - 2011-09-10

@bakito... I've fix (i hope) the infobuble visible conditions problems. Download the files again from the update folders in the first post.


- bakito - 2011-09-10

thanks again!
I'll test your file as soon as I can!!

ok so I test your update for program section...and yes the text is better,no more glitch!!! (still no info text though)
and for the tvguide,the problem is still here! I use the same version as you (10.1)
anyway thanks again for your time! now my skin is officially xperience more!!

ok so...I deleted "background2.png" from the windows/tvguide2 folder and now it works!! ( don't know if I will need this file otherwise...)
anyway it's temporary but it works!!!

well,now that I'm using xperience more everyday I found something strange...
when I check my files via video panel ( for movie that xbmc doesn't recognize)
I get a weird bug : two views at the same time!! (poster and wall)!!


do you know what may cause this??

thanks !

- nessus - 2011-09-12

The "background2.png" is for the daily guide. Since you delete it what do you see as background in daily guide ? Any screen shoot ?

The mix-up between two views is very weird. Those two views are from original xperience and never saw this problem. I will have a look again because never use the file mode for browsing my media.

Nevertheless try one more thing. Delete Textures.db and also delete from guisettings.xml all the entrys about skin.xperience.More.3224 restart XBMC and see if the problems are gone.


- bakito - 2011-09-12

well I update xbmc to the last night buid and no more problems!! no weird views in "files" and no bug in the tv guide!!
so, I don't know what the hell but,well,now it works!
maybe everything was due to a bad install of xbmc in the first place,I don't know...
anyway sorry for taking your time and thanks for your support!!

- bakito - 2011-09-12

hum humBlush

how can I make the banner appears in the daily tv guide? I just have the frame with nothing in it....(and to be sure I download banners from tvdb but still...)

again thanks for your time!

- nessus - 2011-09-12

Rygrath Wrote:Very nice looking TV Guide you created.

I made a change to the custom_TVGuide.xml to make use of banner.jpg

All I did was use a Find&Replace in a text editor

<texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Icon]</texture>
Replace with:
<texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Property(Path),,banner.jpg]</texture>

No more squished posters Smile

To use banner.jpg in TV Guide do a search and replace as described in the above post by Rygrath.


- bakito - 2011-09-13

thx for your answer but my problem was elsewhere but I manage!

Playlists? - bluedevil229 - 2011-09-13

nessus Wrote:ah... crap !!!.... miss that one. The three cities in my settings are small words so never saw it. Will fix it today or tomorrow.

Thanks Rocky.

What do you think about the rest of the mod ?... Any suggestions ...?

Support for playlists?

I have a playlist that is just for kids movies, and in other skins (Cirrus, for example), they have an easy way of getting to their movies.

Looks pretty good, otherwise.

- nessus - 2011-09-13

Is on my to-do list for the next update.


- Toki - 2011-09-18


Any chance to hack in Music Fanart Visualization ?

- nessus - 2011-09-19

What kind of hack ?